You don't need Gulp

by Dominik Burgdörfer in open-source, nodejs, javascript

Recently I found a little joke by @substack who ranted about current task runners like gruntjs or gulpjs. This got me to rethink them too and after experimenting for two weeks I come to the conclusion: You really don't need them! You can go and use the libraries or tools

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Ghost blogging platform

by Dominik Burgdörfer in general, open-source

I took this weekend to experiment with the new trendy blogging platform ghost. Everything looks very promising. Building a theme I started by building my own theme. The default theme "Casper" looks nice but didn't fit my purpose very well. I wanted my blog to look like my website. So

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Hello ghost!

by Dominik Burgdörfer in general

Hello world Welcome to my brand new blog. It's built using the awesome ghost blogging platform. Shortly I'll write a little bit about my experience about using it. But at the moment I can say, I really love it. Wonderful sleek interface and a beautiful designed markdown editor. Ok so

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